Alice R. McPherson, M.D. (USA)
Dr. McPherson is an accomplished educator, scholar, leader and pioneer, dedicated to the study and t...

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Eye surgery could prevent blindness
Canadian eye surgery could prevent blindness in thousands worldwide

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New surgery could end the need for reading glasses
Millions of Britons who suffer from long-sightedness could now have their vision fully restored foll...

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An Overview of Refractive and Laser Eye Surgery
After refractive and laser eye surgery, many patients report seeing better than they had at any othe...

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The Bionic Eye
‘Bionic eye’ helps Duluth man make out his dark world By John Lundy, Forum News Service...

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Exercising for Healthier Eyes
Age-related vision loss is common and devastating. But new research sugge...

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Shaping The Future

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Stem Cells in Ophthalmology
Cell reprogramming discovery may lead to treatments for eye diseases

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Alice R. McPherson, M.D. (USA)
Eye surgery could prevent blindness
New surgery could end the need for reading...
Could a 90-second procedure BANISH the risks of...
An Overview of Refractive and Laser Eye Surgery...
The Bionic Eye
Exercising for Healthier Eyes
Shaping The Future
Stem Cells in Ophthalmology


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